What is Fabrik

What is Fabrik ?

For now is currently only a FreeBSD + ZFS on root raw image with a base jail, ready to work in AWS, GCE, etc.

Why ?

Unfortunately, few know and are capable of taking advantage of all the benefits and capabilities available within FreeBSD + ZFS + jails. It is a fact that for having a proper setup some work needs to be done.

you don’t get diamonds by just putting carbon in the microwave and wait for a couple of minutes.

The idea behind Fabrik is to simplify the initial/bootstrap work (custom kernel + ZFS + base jail) and come with a ready to work image that can be used out of the box and create jails on demand.

The project consists of two main stages, the image (disk.raw) which is a FreeBSD + root ZFS + jails and the application fabrik that ends been a wrapper of tools like jail, zfs, zpool, etc.

The application fabrik is at an early development stage, but the image is currently working, you can give a try: disk.raw

The image out of the box contains a working jail (, to access to it from the main host type:

jexec 10
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